The Art Of Female Masturbation

Women love masturbating as much as men do. Some do it every day while others do it a couple of times a week. The reasons why women masturbate are pretty much the same with men. The only difference is that most women masturbate with toys apart from just using their hands.

Female masturbation can be complicated and that’s why it is regarded as an art. Getting the pleasure needs an elaborate mental fantasy to stimulate the sexual desires. Here is a look at the art of masturbation of women.

Where most men go wrong is touching the woman firmly, faster and quicker than they touch themselves. This is because men prefer a firmer and faster touch than women. Although there is a time in a woman’s masturbation when she needs things to go faster and firmer, in most cases, the order of the day calls for a gentle smooth and consistent touch. Understand that a vagina is more complicated than a penis.

Female masturbation calls for a slow, stroking, languid movement that begins at the bottom of the vagina and moves slowly over the outer labia or sometime moves to the inner labia. This gets most women very excited and ready. By the time the inner lips are stroked, the vagina will already be slick, hot and wet.

Patience is part of the art of masturbation in women and is key. The same cannot be said about men. Once they have an erection they want to calm it down in a hot vagina. There can be a problem when the vagina is not hot and ready.

The heat rises exponentially once the inner labia are touched. At this point, a woman rubs them from the bottom up and over the clitoris or from the top down. Writhing is the first sign of massive excitement and the time it takes for the feeling to start is not the same to all women.

Tips for better masturbation

Invest in a dildo or vibrator; while most women use their hands, you can get more out of your session if you tried out a toy. Many dildos today come with vibrators as well so you get the best of both worlds; stimulation for both your vagina and your clit.

If you prefer using your hands, you should also try varying your stroke techniques. If you stroke yourself in a diagonal pattern-moving your finger over your clitoris from side to side, why don’t you try caressing it using an up and down motion instead.

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