How to make your life more hygge?

I have work with a couple of Scandi escorts at Harrow escorts. They seem to have such a nice relaxing lifestyle and stress a lot less than the rest of the other girls here at Harrow escorts services. At first I could not figure out what was going on, but then I realised I felt more comfortable in their homes and around them as well. It was kind of weird, but then they started to talk about the Scandi concept of hyggy. It means to make your life easier and not be too greedy. Well, at least that is what I think it means.

One of the girls here at Harrow escorts, Anna from Sweden, has the most tranquil flat you will ever visit. It is only small like my flat, but it looks huge. It has been decorated in such a way that there is plenty of space. You can tell that Anna is good customer of IKEA. All of the stuff looks nice but is practical at the same time, I really love that about her place. It is also decorated in neutral colors and that makes it relaxing.

Tina is the Danish girl here at Harrow escorts, and she also has the most wonderful place. The other night when I visited her, she did not have one single ceiling light on. It took me ages to figure out why the place was so well lit, but then I realised she had candles everywhere. Not only did the soft light make the place look really nice, but thanks to all of the essential oils in the candles, it smelt really nice as well.

Susanna is from Norway and has worked with us here at Harrow escorts for about two years now. She is one of the nicest girls I have ever met, and she is forever making us cakes and stuff here at the escort agency. Her home is full of things that makes it look homely. She is into cross stitch and has all of this wonderful stuff around. It is still very neutral, but with all of her craft, she makes it look really cosy. I just love being around her place, and so do many other of the girls.

Now that I am beginning to understand more about the art of hygge, I am trying to change my own home. It does not take very long to change the decorating style. The Scandi girls here at Harrow escorts seem to love to decorate so I have got them helping me out. I cannot believe they found a lot of their stuff in second stores in London. Yes, my home is now finally becoming more relaxing and it is really amazing what you can do with a little bit of color and some neutral tones. I sleep so much better now. My bedroom was the first thing I transformed and I could not believe that taking the TV out would make such a difference.…

What can I do for you tonight?

Would you like to meet a really hot and exciting girl? They call me Monica here at East Ham escorts, and I am one of the most exciting girls that you can hook up with in this part of London. If you happen to be new to dating escorts, I am certainly the girl that you would like to arrange a date with as I am a lot of fun to be with whatever time of the night and day we meet up in. If you would like to have some fun, all you need to do is to give me a call.

east ham escorts

So, what do you like to do on a night out? I have a lot of suggestions what you and I could do on a night out, and I was wondering if you would be interested in hearing all about them. But then again, we don’t have to go out at all if you don’t want to. We could stay at home and just have some fun together. I know a lot of different ways of having fun and I am sure that you do as well. Whenever you are ready to party, you just need to let me know.

But if you would really like to party with us girls here at East Ham escorts, I know a lot of exciting places that you and I could visit in London. A couple of the girls that I used to work with at East Ham escorts, used to be strippers. They know all of the best hang out in Soho, and I am sure that you would appreciate all of the good fun that could be had in Soho. If you are looking for a good time in Soho, there are many other clubs we could visit as well.

Of course, you may want to have some extra fun tonight. That is not a problem for me at all, and I would like you to have some real serious fun with me, or with me and a friend. We have a new service here at East Ham escorts. It is called duo dating. This is where you get the chance to meet two hot ladies from the agency and watch them put on a show just for you. If you have previous experience of dating escorts, I am sure that you will appreciate that. It is one of the most exciting ways that you can actually hook up with us girls.

If there is anything else that I can do for you tonight, I would like you to tell me. Sometimes, it can be hard to know what to do on a first date. If you are not sure, just ask me. I have lots of ideas of what you and I could do on a first date, and I am sure that my colleagues here at East Ham escorts have got their own very special ideas. If you would like to party and party in a very special adult way, I promise you that East Ham escorts has got the perfect solution for you. Just give me a call, and I will tell you all about it.…

What do you call your lover?

We all have different names for our lovers, and I love to hear all about them. My boyfriend is this really hot American guy that I have been dating for about six months now, and I call him Tiger, Tiger. It makes him laugh and I really do think that he is my tiger. Let’s put it this way, when I come home from Lewisham escorts, I often need a little bit of tiger and my man makes me feel on top of the world.

lewisham escorts


Being together with a guy for six months is kind of a bit of a record. Most of my colleagues at Lewisham escorts have been less fortunate that I have been, and hanging onto to a boyfriend for them is often a real struggle. I am lucky as my guy used to work as an escort back in the States when he was going through university. His parents did not have a lot of many so he used his income from escorting to pay for his university education.


I have had other boyfriends during my time at Lewisham escorts, but they have not been as nice as my current guy. Not only does he understand what escorting is all about, but he also looks after me. It is not that easy to work as an escort and sometimes you can end up being really exhausted. The worst thing about escorting is working the night shift. Once I have finished that, I am totally knackered and just feel that I would like to curl up in bed to get some sleep.


When I have a day away from Lewisham escorts, my boyfriend really spoils me. He takes me out for dinner and we go shopping. Some of the other girls at the agency say that they are often used by their boyfriends, but I don’t feel that way about my boyfriend at all. As a matter of fact, sometimes I feel that things are the other way around and that I use him instead. He says that he does not feel that way at all and it is then I realize how lucky I am to have such a nice boyfriend who really cares for me.


We often talk about what we would like to do when I leave Lewisham escorts. My boyfriend is from California and he says that he would like to go back to California. We have been there once and I loved it. It was in November, but the weather was still fairly good and we had a great time together. I was expecting property prices to be totally outrageous but they were not. It surprised me but I could actually sell my flat and by a home in a nice part of Los Angeles. My boyfriend’s family live in Sunset beach, and that did look like a nice part of Greater Los Angeles. Settling abroad after a career in escorting might be the perfect thing to do for me and my boyfriend.



Good Marriage Advice from Epping Escorts




Handing out marriage advice is not the easiest thing in the world. Ever since I have been working in the escort industry in London, I have noticed that a lot of gents are keen to ask for marriage advice. I am less keen to hand it out. First of all I have never been married, and second, I am still very young and I am not so sure that I am the best person to hand out marriage advice. Still, a lot of the gents that I meet up with an Epping escorts from seem to be very challenged in their marriages. Is it a good thing or bad thing?


When you are married, you need to be prepared to think about others and I am not sure a lot of people are prepared to do that at all. Many of the gents that I speak to here at Epping escorts think that they can carry on living a single person’s life. That is not true at all. When you get married, you will have to take care of others as well, and I am sure that not all people find that easy. Would I like to be married? I am not totally sure that I would like to be married. Having heard so many horror stories at the agency, I am not sure that marriage is for me at all.


Is marriage romantic? Marriage may not be romantic at all, and I think that we often assume that it should be romantic all of the time. The truth is that marriage is not always romantic. Parts of your marriage may be romantic, but then there are parts that are not romantic at all. It seems that many gents that I date at Epping escorts are not prepared to work at marriage, and that is something that you have to be. You need to make time for each other and that is absolutely crucial.


As a matter of fact, I confess to being a bit old fashioned. When I get married, I am not so sure that I would like to work at all. My mum never worked until I was 12 years old and I think that helped to keep our family together in many ways. After I had left home, she went to work full time but I am not sure that she enjoys it. When we chat on the phone, she is always complaining that she has less time for dad and the home. I think that is true, and it just proves that it comes down to that time factor again. That is certainly something many gents that I meet at Epping escorts seem to forget about.


Spending time with your partner is crucial for a happy marriage. A lot of the guys that I have dated since joining Epping escorts have found that lack of time is an issue. Having a boyfriend when you work for a London escort service is a nightmare. First of all, you have to work long hours, and the night shift is one of the things that you have to cope with. Most of my boyfriends have not appreciated why I need to work the night shift and this has often been the downfall of our relationship. Yes, I would love to have a permanent partner, and when I do find the right guy, I think that I would like to dedicate my time to him and our family. That is probably how you keep a family together.



Fast or Furious, or Taking it Slow

Sex is a many splendoured thing. That sounds a bit silly, but we all like to take sex in different ways. It is a bit like a gin and tonic. Some of us prefer our gin and tonic with a slice of lime, other prefer with a slice of lemon. I am sort of a lime girl and that means that I like my sex nice and gentle as well. But then again, it is nice with a change and what is wrong with a little bit of a lemon from time to time. I might even take my gin with something different.

Working at London escorts has taught me that we all have unique tastes when it comes to sex. Some of the gents that I meet at the agency seem to be the fast and furious types. You can soon tell when you have had a bit of experience working for London escorts. The fast and furious types may drive really fast cars , flash a lot of cash and always eat the most expensive steak dinner in town. Everything they do has to be done in a hurry.

Then we have the more relaxed gentleman that you may find enjoy the odd date with London escorts. He may drive a Volvo, enjoy good literature above going out clubbing in a Saturday and eat a fish supper instead of steak and chips. To be fair, I like to meet up with both and it is nice with a little bit of variety in your life. If all of the guys were the same we met at London escorts, life would probably turn out to be pretty boring and that would not do.

When I think about the girls who work for London escorts, they are a bit like that as well. My friend Roxy who joined our charlotte London escorts about six months ago, is anything adult fun. She does not seem to be able to get enough of stuff like pole dancing, hostessing in club and even make the odd personal sex tape. She is kind of what I would call a fast and furious girl who is always on the go. Roxy is what you might call an adrenaline junkie. Not all does she live her London life to the max, but when she goes on holiday she loves stuff like climbing and perhaps even jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

My other really good friend here at London escorts, Monica, is much more of a chilled out girl. When you are stressed out and would like to enjoy a date with a girl who can help you to relax, you want to give Monica at London escorts a call. She is fun to be with, but at the same time, she can take you away to somewhere else on her dates. Monica is really feminine and soft, and if you are looking for a girl who would enjoy feeling as safe in your Volvo as you do, she may be the perfect London escort for you. Let’s put it this way, she certainly seems to be a very popular choice with our more senior gents.…

I went back to escorting after my divorce

I am a bit afraid to say that I did not have the best of marriages. Part of it was my fault. I was just to unsettled within my marriage and I think that my husband picked up on that. But at the same time, I do not really know what my husband wanted form me. I know that I am a really pretty girl and I think that he sort of wanted a trophy wife and that is not really what I am. There is a lot more to me than that, and I must admit that I was not happy. At the same time, I also really missed my friends at Barnfield escorts.

After about a year, our marriage totally fell apart and I went back to escorting at Barnfield escorts. Matters had not been helped by the fact that my husband was 20 years old than me. When he wanted to play golf, I wanted to go shopping in central London and that was not for him at all. I tried really hard to make friends with his circle but I am not sure what they thought about me. They did not know that I used to be an escort, but I am sure they were wondering where I had turned up from.

the barnfield escorts

The divorce was not a big drama or anything like that, and despite having gone back to Barnfield escorts, my husband paid me a very generous divorce settlement. I used to have to worry about what I was going to do for a pension, but I don’t have to worry about that any more. If I am a bit savvy, I will have enough money to last me for a long time and I also have my own apartment here in London. Actually I am very lucky girl.

Am I ready for another relationship? That is something that I asked myself the other day, and to be honest, the answer is no. I am not that interested and I am not sure that you can combine a relationship with escorting anyway. At the moment I am focusing on having fun here at Barnfield escorts, but I am not sure that I am going to stay here forever neither. Since my marriage I have been feeling a little bit unsettled and there are times when I don’t know what to do with my life.

I don’t feel agree with my ex husband but he did promise me a lot of things. He said that we would travel but that never happened. Instead he wanted to stay home or play golf. I cannot see the point of that. To me, it seems very much like a waste of a life and I would not want to do that. When we first met at Barnfield escorts, he was a totally different person from the person I married. Did he feel guilty about his false promises? I think he did in the end and that is why he gave me such a generous divorce settlement.…

You should date London escorts

When you wish to date London escorts, you must know the features that you would be looking for whenever you want to enjoy yourself with them. During the times when dating, you will definitely appreciate the work of London escorts since they understand on how to treat men during this important moment whenever you are seeking these escort services. Here is how you should date London escorts:

the great one in london escort

Make sure that you treat London escorts well since this will determine the kind of personality that you would enjoy from them when making your personality. You will definitely know that you will have the London escorts whom you will enjoy during your time as you do appreciate them thus helping you understand these ideas thus helping you understand the reasons why you would enjoy your time with them during the tour in the city.

The London escorts have known that they must work hard for the men whom they need to be with a relationship with thus helping them understand the reasons that will play an important role as they acquire the escort services. During the period, the London escorts have always been among the best rated since they know how to date men at the same time fulfilling their needs well during this great process of having a great time. You will understand that London escorts know that you will understand at the same time appreciate them whenever you wish to appreciate your moments together with them.

They do value time thus you must ensure that you do spend the quality time that you would wish to have during your tour in the city. You will definitely appreciate them since this will play that important role during your stay in the great city. The London escorts understand the importance of having a good relationship thus will help you appreciate the deals that you would have during your stay in this great city of choice when seeking these alternatives.

The London escorts want those who value their love when having a serious relationship. When you do date the London escorts, they will understand the facts that will help you show these escorts when trying to appreciate at the same time have a serious relationship with the London escorts. The London escorts have been among those whom you can always trust whenever you are dating them. This has prompted the men to date them since they know that the London escorts will be the best whenever they are seeking these alternatives.

Trust is an important issue that you need to know when dating the London escorts. When you do seek them, they will know the reasons for having a great time thus helping you appreciate the work that you will appreciate during your time with the London escorts as you do seek their expertise during the time as you do date them.

In the end, you must make sure that you do understand the reasons for having a relationship if you need to enjoy yourself in the city of London with the London escorts.



Freaking out when you are seen in your knickers

I am not the most organized person at times. The other day when I had a day off from Ealing escorts, I totally lost the plot. I live in an old house that I love very much. The house was inherited from my great aunt and I will never give it up. We were very close and she was one of the most important people in my life so far. The only problem is that there is a lot to do to this house, and sometimes things get on top of me.

party party with got ealing escorts

The outside of the house could do with a good clean, so I invited this guy around to take a look. The night before I had worked the night shift at Ealing escorts so I was not really with it. Just before this guy came around, I had managed to take a shower but was in my knickers and small top as he knocked on the door. Without thinking I rushed down stairs and opened the door. He took a step back and blushed. It was at that moment I realized that I was just wearing my top and knickers.

To be honest, I can’t figure out why people make such a big deal out of seeing other people in their knickers. It is not very different from wearing a bikini if you like. People at Ealing escorts see me in my knickers all of the time, and it is never mentioned. But then again, I suppose that some knickers stand out a bit. The knickers that I was wearing on that day did not. They were just ordinary cotton knickers which looked great on me. As a matter of fact, it was a warm day and I would have been happy to wear my knickers and top all day.

Anyway, this guy thought it was funny and had a good laugh. I explained that I was on my day off and was really busy. He did get the idea but I am pretty sure that he wondered what I did for a living. I don’t normally tell people about Ealing escorts straight away and I did not do so on this occasion neither. He is probably telling all of his friends about the girl who opened the door in her knickers.

When I went back to Ealing escorts the next day, I told all of my girlfriends at the agency about what had happened. Needless to say they laughed their heads off. One thing that did stick in my mind was the guy from the façade cleaning company. He was so cute and I knew that I had to see him again. In the end, I had a few more quotes in but his was one of the best. I decided to go with it. Unfortunately, my sweet and innocent guy turned out to be gay. It did not really matter. In spite of the knicker incident, we are today the best of friends and love spending time together. It is true, gay men do make really good partners.…

London escorts – are they too sexy?

London escorts – are they too sexy? The answer of course is yes, yes, and yes! And it doesn’t matter that I am the manager of a London escort service in they still are too sexy and the sexiest girls in the world! If you are looking for truly sexy companions, we all know that you can find them at London escorts. I am must admit that I think that London babes are worth their weight in gold.


party with friends in london escorts

You may ask yourself where we recruit our London escorts from. Most of the escorts who work for our agency are recruited from abroad. I used to try to recruit girls locally but it never really worked out for me. The local girls were not really keen to work as escorts so I had to change me ideas. In end, I start to recruit girls from places like Poland and Hungary. It turned out that all of the most delicious ladies could be found in those countries.

Was that a good a good decision? It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made and now our London escorts service is really thriving. I am having a good time running the agency and the girls seem to be enjoying it as well. What about the gents who use our service? Many of them say that they love it and that my girls are some of the most experienced and sexy escorts that they have ever met. That is so nice to hear after all of the effort that I have put into the agency.

The truth is that many London escorts services are struggling a little bit at the moment. They have been less fortunate and not been able to recruit the best of the best. It is all a matter of putting a lot of effort in when it comes to recruitment and that is exactly what I have done. If I had not been able to do that, I am sure that our escort service would have been in dire straits by now. You need to be different these days. If you can’t stand out among all of the different escort agencies in London, you will soon end up in trouble.

Yes, my girls are super sexy and can be real tarts at time, but isn’t that exactly what you are looking for. I think that is exactly what most gents who like to date London escorts in are looking for. Okay some may want to enjoy a little bit of posh company, but the reality is that most gents would like to date a hot vixen who can warm they up. If you feel in need of a bit of companionship tonight, why don’t you give us here at London escort services a call. I have lots of lovely and sexy ladies who would like to look after and care for you. We are open 24/7 so I am happy to take your call at any time day or night.…

Canary Wharf Party Girls

Where do you go in London when you want to have a really good time? The last time I visited London, I stayed in central London but many of my friends who visit London more often than I do, stay in places like Canary Wharf. This used to be part of the old warehouse district in London, and form part of what was the docking and ship building industry. Now it has changed a lot, and is full of posh homes. If you would like to buy a place in this part of London, you have to pay at least $300,000.


As a lot of people know, escorting is big business in London. The girls that I have met in London are some of the best escorts in the world, and you can have a lot of if fun with escorts in London. But can you find escorts in Canary Wharf? The honest truth is that this is probably one of the best places in the world to date escorts. If you are into young escorts, and like to meet fresh women, you really need to check out Canary Wharf escorts. They are the ultimate hot dates.


the ultimate hot girls in canary wharf 


Another thing which is good about Canary Wharf in London is that it is a rather cheap place to stay. My friends have found a couple of good hotels in Canary Wharf and now they stay their all of the time. They are into something called party dates with Canary Wharf escorts. This simply means that all of you go and you have a great deal of fun. Most of the times the babes from the agency organize the party date, and you never know what is going to happen. If you like to have some good clean sexy fun, it sounds like a date with Canary Wharf escorts is for you.


Canary Wharf is also a good place to go out in. If you like to eat out and stuff like that, you will find that there are lots of good restaurants around the Canary Wharf area. Sushi is one of the most popular foods in London at the moment, and my friends have told me that there are some great sushi restaurants in Canary Wharf. Perhaps I can take all of the hot babes from Canary Wharf escorts there.


As you can tell, I am itching to meet up with Canary Wharf escorts. I have been dating escorts in other part of London for such a long time that I am dying to try something new. The other night I checked out the website of Canary Wharf escort services and got really horny. Many of the girls look younger than other London escorts and I think that is what really turned me on. It seems that if you are looking for younger companions in London, Canary Wharf is the place to come. Do I like to party? I love to party and I am really looking forward to party with the hot babe at Canary Wharf escort services, I am pretty sure that I am going to love it!…